Sunday, July 26, 2009


I never knew that I really hungered for readings until yesterday. It was a lovely Saturday afternoon when me and Rahim went to a reading on the invitation of a new friend, Sharon Bakar. It was held at Seksan's @ 67 Jalan Tempinis Satu, Lucky Gardens, Bangsar, KL. The readings here are mostly held once a month by Sharon @ Bibliobibuli blog. It is mostly attended by book lovers, writers, journalists, etc. Actually everyone is invited.

I looked around the sea of faces and found Amir Muhamad, whom I shared a table at last year's Alternative Bookfair @ Central Market and one of my late father's friends, Dr. Shanmughalingam. I was soon put at ease because everyone was so friendly.

The first reader was Jac SM Kee. She had an interesting story to tell about childhood scary tales of 'Hantu Kopek' and the development of breasts as a young girl...ahh those were the days! These and a few other essays from various young writers were published by Amir Muhamad. Will have to get a copy soon as I don't even know the title.

Yvonne Lee, the second reader was a former beauty queen who relates to plastic surgery issues as she had a friend who passed on because of this surgery. I wish I had written down the titles of these books. Next time then... but she said we could get it at MPH...i think.

One of the interesting writers who also read that day was Dr. Dipika Mukherjee, an affiliated fellow at Leiden University, Netherlands. She read her beautiful poems and it inspired me. I am one of those who writes poems but dare not let it be published, though one or two has slipped memory of my late Ayah.

Shamini Flint, another reader gave her fair share of anecdotes and insights into 'Detective Singh' and the local law issues. She made everyone laugh with her stories and thoughts. Paul Selvam and Amir Sharipuddin are the young aspiring writers who also read their stories which we have to support. Thanks to Amir Muhamad, we get to hear from the young generation who needs a boost to colour our Malaysian literature.

Congratulations Sharon and Co!

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