Sunday, July 26, 2009


A beautiful soul has left us early this morning. I wish I had known her personally, I wish I had the guts to go up to her when I saw her at the Subang Gazebo, a few years ago, I wish I had called her to asked whether she would be interested to turn one of Ayah's works into a film, I wish...I wish... I wish.

Regrets are one of our shortcomings as human beings but there it is. The lost and deprivation of chance that we seek seems so enormous. We try to learn from history repeating itself but it is the nature of Man. God has made us such. But the beauty of remembrance make us better people if we adhere to it.

A lost beautiful soul like Yasmin, will always be remembered as we see her in her creative and thought provoking works. Works that we need to salvage our Malaysian unity, realised or not.

May Allah recognise your beautiful soul and keep you with those He loves. Alfatehah.......................Amin.

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