Friday, July 10, 2009

Latest News!

Good news! Just before I and Suraya ( our graphic designer) finalised the whole new book layout (Sahabatku) to send to the printer, I got a call from Sarawak to say that the Bahasa Iban translations have just been mailed to me! Oh My God! I was ecstatic.......and the language is so beautiful......mmm.

In fact, all the 5 languages are beautiful....even though I don't read Mandarin and Tamil, they all look so beautiful to me. So, of course we had to work to the wee hours to get everything done. I am happy to report that the new layout for book and t-shirt has gone into printing today and it should be ready for the 19th July event at CM! Thanks Suraya, for putting up with my antiques!

A big THANK YOU and our deep appreciation to All the wonderful translators who did it more out of love and passion for literature and my late father and what he stands for. Thank you also to those who believed in me even when I had nothing to show or prove that I could do it. Actually, all I had was some experience and so much love and passion for my late Ayah and literature of course!

Ok these are the latest confirmed dates of events for this special month of July : -

11th July @ 11am - A religious prayer feast for Usman Awang & late wife (our mum), Datin Hasnah, at his home in Kampung Tunku, PJ. Organised by family members and UA Enterprises Sdn. Bhd.

12th July - UA's Birthday! - @ 9am - Forum: A Discourse On The Thoughts Of National Laureate - the late Dato' (Dr) Usman Awang. Organised by Ikatan Persuratan Melayu (IPM) - GAPENA, Malacca.

19th July - @ 6pm - 9pm - A Reading of Poems from the works of 2 National Laureate : A. Samad Said & Usman Awang - @ Central Market, Kuala Lumpur, in conjuction with the 2009 KL Fest. Organised by Kavyan; UA Enterprises Sdn. Bhd; Wira Bukit; Central Market and The Ministry of Broadcasting, Communications & Culture Malaysia.

29th July @ 9am - A Reading of Usman Awang's poems - @ Chong Hwa (Private) School, Jalan Ipoh, KL. Organised by One Nusantara; Kavyan and UA Enterprises Sdn. Bhd.

Further details, go to blog : Uthaya Sankar or e-mail questionaires to :

UA's latest book and t-shirt will be on sale from the 19th July, 2009, at Central Market or you may make your orders at :

Everyone is invited! Do come and join me...

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