Thursday, February 19, 2009

Usman Awang's life history photographs on exhibition

An exhibition of Usman Awang's life history, taken from his personal photo album, depicting from the time when he was a little boy of about 9 years old in Mersing, Johor, till the time when he became a dotting grandfather, is all there for everyone to see, the man that he was, captured on camera . The exhibition was officiated by YB Datuk Hj. Othman Mohamad, the Speaker of Dewan Undangan Negeri Melaka, on the 10th February 2009. This one month only exhibition will end on the 12th march 2009.

The name of the muzium is Balai Seni Lukis Melaka, at The Bastion House building, on Jalan Kota, at the heart of Melaka town. The exhibited photos are of Usman and the main people (though not all) who played a part in his life journey. Most of the blown-up photos are from Usman's personal album and some are from my own collection.

Actually this proposal and offer by the sponsor : Perbadanan Muzium Melaka (PERZIM) to exhibit UA's photos came as a surprise to me. It was so unexpected because Usman is not from Melaka though he was posted to Melaka when he was in the police force and he first started writing when he was there. Anyway, PERZIM is the first semi government body to sponsor Usman Awang's exhibition. We hope there will be more support from the government or private sectors to reintroduce Usman Awang to the next generation.

At the muzium, a stage is set. It is known as 'Pentas Usman Awang' where we hold readings of his works every weekend till 12th March 2009. There will be poetry and short story readings, etcetera from friday afternoon to sunday afternoon. His 2 books : Tulang2 Berserakan (New Edition) and Turunnya Sebuah Bendera are sold at half price. Two new books will soon be sold there for the first time before hitting the local and international market.

Take a day or weekend trip to Muzium Balai Seni Lukis Melaka to see this rare and nostalgic exhibition because we don't know when it will be exhibited again. It all depend on who will sponsor the exhibition next.

See you there!

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