Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A tribute poem for my Ayah

Last Sunday evening, 2nd August '09, some friends of my late father came over to my house. One of them was a Writer from Sarawak, Mr. Wu An who also brought another Writer friend from Sarawak, Mr. Liang. My father's friend who brought them is a local Writer and Translator as well, Mr. Chan Yong Sin. He was the Mandarin Translation Editor and also one of the translators for our latest tribute book to my late father "Sahabatku" (My Friend).

They came to reconfirm their invitation for me read a tribute poem for Usman Awang written by Wu An. It is a translation from Mandarin to Bahasa Malaysia, translated by Chan Yong Sin. The reading was on the following evening, Monday 3rd August '09, at Berjaya Times Square Hotel. The event was called "Malam Semarak Perpaduan" ( Rekindling Solidarity Night).

We rehearsed the reading at my house that night, just to get things right as we have never read together before and also because we will be reading in a sequence - Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia in turns.

I was honoured to be given the opportunity to read with my late father's good friends. The poem was entitled: "Terang Memancar" (Shining Brightly). I also met our First Lady, who was the Patron of the event and Senator Dr Koh Tsu Koon, for the first time. The event was organised by DBP, PERSPECTIVE, Dong Zong, Chinese Cultural Society, The Malaysian Chinese Assembly and the Malaysian Chinese Writers Association.

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