Friday, May 2, 2008

KLABF 2008

UA Enterprises Sdn. Bhd., the publisher for Usman Awang's latest books, will be participating in the Kuala Lumpur Alternative Book Fest 2008. They will be on the 1st Floor, Annexe Gallery, Annexe Central Market. This bookfest is on from Saturday 3rd May to Sunday 4th May. It's opened from 10am - 6pm on both days.

Usman Awang's new edition novel "Tulang2 Berserakan" and latest compilation of short stories "Turunnya Sebuah Bendera" will be on a special sale during this fest! See you there!

About the new edited novel "Tulang2 Berserakan".
This is the National Laurette's one and only novel. The story is set during the Emergency period of Malaysia - that is, the time the 2nd World War ended and the British came back to rule Malaya. It is a story derived from the author's experiences as a policeman in the 'Jungle Squad' as they were known when they have operations out of the town area. Their mission was to wipe out all the comunists that are hiding in the outskirts of the Malacca town. The story revolves around his police friends and their lives. The hardships, the friendship and loyalty.

In this new edition, the spelling has been edited to the new spelling of Bahasa Malaysia. Every chapter starts with pictures of Usman, his friends and the life they lead. At the end of the story, there is a glossary for words that are not found in the Malay dictionary. This is a collector's item edition. The paper is an acid free paper which termites don't like and therefore can be kept well. The cover of the book has a close-up photo of the type of barb wire used to fence up villages to ward off the communists who comes to villages to get food and recruit young men into communism. The colour tone of the book cover from the top is orange -the colour of fire which then turns red - the colour of blood and at the bottom is the colour of dead blood.

"Turunnya Sebuah Bendera" is a new compilation of Usman's short stories. Some of the stories have been published before but have run out of publication and some are works that have never been published except for the Utusan Zaman - the sunday paper of Utusan Melayu in the early 50's which was in old Malay Jawi. So, we had to transcribe it to Bahasa Malaysia and edit the old Malay spelling. All this was done after we research for the manuscript in the National Archives. This is also a collector's item book as the paper is acid free and the hard cover has a jacket. The front cover has Usman standing in a 'Jungle Squad' uniform with the background of a Union Jack flag coming down and the Malaysian flag flying high.

The short stories are all about the lives of the people before Independence was reached. Their sufferings during the Emergency period and how they had to cope with their daily life. There was so much sufferings that they could not wait for the Union Jack Flag to come down during the ceremony at the Selangor Club padang on the midnight of 30th August, 1957. These are stories for the children after Independence and their children's children and so capture the vision because we take Independence celebrations for granted. Don't we?


Wakmasnoor said...

Salam Lina.

Reading your blog inspired me even more in becoming a writer.

Any pointers for a dear friend?

lyna ua said...

Dear Wakmasnoor,

I have never thought of myself as a writer. Writing just comes naturally to me. Sounds as if I'm boasting but actually I use to think that everybody can just write and there's nothing to it.

I am still learning, I'm not a good writer yet but thanks for the compliment.

Pointers...I'm not professional enough to give you pointers. Anyway, for me, when something stirs me emotionally, I write how I feel...usually I like to release my emotions by writing poetry.

I'm sure you can do it too. All you need is to write when your emotions are stired...a memory, feeling hurt, happy or something you want to say about your opinion. I'm glad you are inspired to write. All the best! Salam.

Amir said...

jumpa lagi!