Monday, May 5, 2008

Another new experience.....

The recently concluded KL Alternative Book Fest was another new experience for me. Eventhough I minded our half shared table with my daughter Nana on the second and final day only, (Rahim and my son Taufiq was there on the first day) I feel the heat and vibrancy of the whole fest. What with book launches, free tap dance lessons, t-shirt making demonstrations, creative people selling their creative art wares, musicians and ofcourse books! Heavenly variety of books plus some books for free that needs a home!

UA Enterprises shared a modest simple table with the famous Amir Muhamammad whose books I finally read early this morning. His 'Malaysian Politicians Say the Darndest Things' opened my sleepy eyes. It was so infectious that I could'nt put it down and Shahril Nizam's illustrations were superb. I haven't gone through all of 'New Malaysian Essays 1' yet but I read Amir's 'Unwelcome Words'. Well.....hillarious!

Anyway, thank you to all who appreciates Usman Awang's works enough to buy his newly edited 'Tulang2 Berserakan' and our latest compilation of 'Turunnya Sebuah Bendera' both are 'collector's item' books, at a special price at the fest. Besides ayah's friends who came and bought his books, there were some pretty interesting people there! I hope to meet more in future.

For those who still haven't got Usman Awang's latest books and would like to get it, please call Rahim Affandi @ 013-3310161, at a special price! Happy reading to open your mind's eyes.


Wakmasnoor said...

Thanks for the info.

I will definitely get my hands on those books.

'Turunnya sebuah Bendera' sounds classical and portrayal of such an excellence reading.

lyna ua said...


If you really want to be inspired to write, you must read Tulang2 Berserakan and Turunnya Sebuah Bendera. Just call the number I mentioned on my post.


Uzair Sawal said...

nice to meet you

lyna ua said...


Same same. All the best in your studies.Do well for a great future. Take care and salam.

Yasmin's Mummy said...

Your father made a huge impression on me even when I was still a child. His Ke Makam Bonda was a great intro to the beauty of Malay literature. To this day, I still name UA as my all time favourite writer of Malay lit. Will surely visit this blog again.

lyna ua said...

Dear Yasmin's mummy,
Thank you for appreciating works by UA and I hope you will tell your kids and later your kid's kids about his beautiful and meaningful works so that it won't be lost down the line.