Tuesday, June 9, 2009

An Interview

Recently, I met someone who believed in my quest and gave me the extra hope that I needed when I was at my lowest. God Almighty gives you strength from avenues you least expect. This person did not let me give up so easily. Thank you my friend. He got in touch with people within his reach and within a day I got calls from interested media people, namely Bissme from 'the Sun'.

I was nervous as usual with every interview that I have to do except the one with Nuraina Samad for TELL Magazine because she is my 'sister' since I was a little girl. She is my 'Kak Ena' and so I am relaxed. Actually, I am always nervous to be interviewed by journalists because I am afraid of being miss interpreted.

I now realise professional journalists such as my new found friend Uthaya Sankar from RTM and my interviewer, Bissme from 'the Sun' have a way to make you relax enough to express yourself. I hope I did a good job for my late 'ayah'. You be the judge. Pick up 'the Sun'
newspaper tomorrow morning, 10 June and let me know.

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Uthaya Sankar SB said...

A very nice piece in theSun, 10 June 2009. Congrats, Puan Lyna and thanks, Bissme.

With Lim Fheng Fheng's help, I managed to get not one, but two copies of the newspaper!