Saturday, June 27, 2009


This is still an issue that has never really been taken very seriously unless YOU are the person involved. Imagine if you are the children of our local legend P. Ramlee and you see your late father's works being played over and over and over and over again in front of not only your eyes but also your children's eyes. You cannot do anything about it because all of your rights were signed off and even when there is a law that says - all the rights to an intellectual property belongs to the heirs automatically after his/her demise.

How do you think...faintly at least...will you feel when your children accuse you of not taking care of their rights and their children's rights? Oh yes, intellectual property for the heirs last for about 50 years. Will you be responsible enough to feel some form of guilt or will you think the genius that created the said works are not worth your effort to protect at all? Feel the pain if you are human enough!

Do you realise that no one really pay attention to the word 'copyright' in its true form unless you need to. When my father was alive, I use to wonder what the fuss is all about when he stood and fought for this word called 'copyright'.

It is not easy for me here, sitting in these shoes. If you do not have the full passion to believe in it, you will never fight for it, you will never find the strength to go on even when you are dead broke and no one is really there for you! With belief comes passion and with passion comes this feeling of responsibility. But it is agonising when your means are almost zero.

Thankfully God is are tested so that you can find your true self and Him. Test after test after test is very, very tiring for the mind, body and soul but with it comes experiences and knowledge beyond your imagination. That's where the writer in you comes out.

It is very frustrating and painful for me when people say they know and appreciate the word 'copyright' but where implementation is concern, it is another matter all together! The top board of directors of corporate firms, etc., weave the rules to their interest...of course...but where is that feeling of appreciation you say you have?

Actually, your idea of appreciation is limited to fit your convenience. So, in the true form of the phrase ' appreciation of the arts '...................................??????????????


roy said...

the faculty teaches us about the arts law and there is copyright in it but never been pushed that it is important. I guess all this have to start with education. Because being a student of arts management and a performer, i do understand the 'pain' but there are many who don't really care about it and wanted to make money only.

lyna ua said...

There should be more students like you. Even lecturers for that matter, so that ALL the students in the performing arts and events management will be aware of the full meaning of the phrase - 'appreciation of the arts'.

I addressed at the MACP AGM meeting recently regarding this matter and Senator Jins Shamsuddin promised to bring this matter to the parliament.

Anyway, it would be good for UITM Performing Arts if they are the first to start and become THE example to others.

Thanks for you support Roy!